From small beginnings to a global player

45 years ago, we started up very modestly in one room in an office, with our sights set firmly on the market and with both feet squarely on the ground. Much has been accomplished since then, and today over 1,000 teamtechnik skilled employees create production technology solutions around the world. Travel in time with us on an exciting journey and come with us into the future. You can be rest assured that the list of milestones will continue to grow.

2023 - 1976
  • Forming a new Powerhouse

    BBS Automation with Kahle Automation and ANT become part of Dürr Group.

  • Record Order Intake

    Orders from three different industries on three continents have led to a record order intake of over 100 million euros in the first 5 months of 2022.

  • Award-winning!

    For the eighth year in a row, teamtechnik has been named one of Germany's Top Employers.

  • “High performance automation united”

    HEKUMA joins the teamtechnik group.

  • 45 years of teamtechnik

    e-mobility, medtech and new energy:
    45 years ahead of time

  • Stronger together

    teamtechnik joins the Dürr Group.

  • Award-winning!

    For the seventh year in a row, teamtechnik has been named one of Germany's Top Employers.

  • Best Trainers 

    In the view of Capital magazine, teamtechnik is one of Germany's best Trainers again.

  • Award-winning!

    For the sixth year in a row, teamtechnik has been named one of Germany's Top Employers.

  • Best Trainers

    In the view of Capital magazine, teamtechnik is one of Germany's best Trainers.

  • Now full of "New Energy"

    Following the market development teamtechnik expands its 3rd business field to "New Energy".

  • Award-winning!

    For the fifth year in a row, teamtechnik has been named one of Germany's Top Employers.

  • Inauguration of the largest production hall

    At the Freiberg location the largest production hall to date with 2,700 square meters is now in use. 

  • Award-winning!

    For the fourth year in a row, teamtechnik has been named one of Germany's Top Employers.

  • teamtechnik wins the “Human Resources Excellence Award 2017”.

    A prize that recognizes innovative flagship projects in personnel management.

  • World record

    The production output of the new STRINGER TT4200 GIGA is really impressive. It achieves a cycle time of just 0.85 seconds, further underpinning teamtechnik's position as a global technological leader.

  • 40 Years of teamtechnik

    teamtechnik is celebrating its big anniversary by looking into the future. The hot topics are technology trends and sustainability. Over 900 employees world-wide are joining in the celebrations.

  • Global market leadership in transmission testing

    teamtechnik expands its transmission testing department and, after successfully launching in China, becomes the world leader.

  • Power for solar

    One cell every 2.25 seconds - teamtechnik presents its new TT1600 power stringer: the fastest stringer system in the world.

  • ZF Energy Efficiency Award

    teamtechnik received the award for a flagship electromobility project in which it set up the first standalone photovoltaic system with storage battery in Baden-Württemberg.

  • Major orders from China

    Leading solar module manufacturers in China ordered more than 50 stringer systems. teamtechnik is thus consolidating its world market leadership.

  • A transmission testing milestone

    teamtechnik starts serial production of transmission test benches, keeping quality high, but reducing costs and delivery times.

  • Global expansion continues

    teamtechnik service location established in South Korea.

  • New service location in France

    teamtechnik service location in Paris founded.

  • Solar power for the company's vehicle charging point and production halls

    teamtechnik realizes the first standalone PV system with a storage battery in Baden-Württemberg to supply it.

  • New teamtechnik training center

    A modern training center for 40 apprentices to supply the growing demand for highly skilled workers.

  • 2nd place in the "Best Factory" competition

    teamtechnik's innovative approach and efficient production processes are recognized with an award from WirtschaftsWoche, the business magazine.

  • A topic for the future: e-mobility

    teamtechnik becomes a partner in two research projects in the "Electromobility South-West" cluster of excellence. They concern the production of electric drives and battery module assembly.

  • Global market leader in stringer technology

    teamtechnik has now sold stringers with a production capacity exceeding 10 GWp.

  • Strong new alliance

    teamtechnik acquires a 90% holding in PFUDERER, an automation company specializing in fast-cycling automation solutions.

  • Expansion in Asia

    teamtechnik Production Technology Ltd. established in Jintan and Suzhou, China.

  • New building

    A new 2300 m² production hall for the Solar Business Division is built. teamtechnik now dispatches one stringer system each week.

  • Successful growth

    The 300th employee is welcomed to teamtechnik.

  • Foundation of a subsidiary

    The aim was to allow teamtechnik to manage the manufacture and timely completion of precision milled parts itself. The solution was to set up a subsidiary: Die Fertigung GmbH.

  • High performance stringer for solar cell strings

    Presentation of the first generation of high performance stringers for the production of solar cell strings. Live production of solar strings at major international trade fairs.

  • teamtechnik in Poland

    Foundation of teamtechnik Production Technology, Kraków.

  • teamtechnik and the sun

    The step into the solar technology market.

  • Good progress

    Market leader in Europe for modular transmission test benches for passenger vehicle manual transmissions.

  • Award

    The VDMA selects teamtechnik as the most innovative partner for a live presentation at the Hanover Trade Fair: "Resetting a production system in just 10 minutes".

  • A successful move into new territory

    teamtechnik supplies new production systems for disposable contact lenses worth €40 million to a US group.

  • Market launch

    New modular transmission test systems for passenger vehicle manual transmissions.

  • Crossing the Atlantic

    Foundation of teamtechnik Corp. in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

  • Portfolio extended

    Entry into medical technology.

  • A newcomer to the industry

    Market launch of TEAMOS, the world's most flexible assembly platform. The first step away from designing unadaptable system-specific production systems towards a cost-effective standardization and platform strategy.

  • Station-based modular assembly line

    Development of the first station-based modular assembly line for EUREKA-FAMOS, the European funding project.

  • The launch

    Max Rosskopf founds teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH with three enterprising colleagues from Karl Hüller GmbH.


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