Battery module assembly for all cell designs

Maximum output on a minimum footprint

In battery module production, individual round cell batteries are quickly and precisely tested and assembled into a module. Be it a system for 18 650, 26 650, 21 700, 32 700 or 46XX round cells, our machines are dimensioned for all cell designs.

For modules based on prismatic cells, we also build smart production systems that are custom-designed to meet your requirements.

Plug and play for direct production start

Our assembly and test lines can also be used for battery modules for products like power tools and home storage systems. We provide turnkey solutions with a footprint of only 12 x 6 meters, an output of 7,200 cells per hour and system autonomy of up to 60 minutes.

Cell handling, process steps and testing steps are adjusted to customer specifications and integrated. With our broad spectrum of solutions and experience, we satisfy all requirements for the reliable production of safe and flawless battery modules.

Bunker for cell feeding

Cells get separated by a conveyor belt and transported

Module assembly

Pressing of battery module

Rearrangement of battery cells

High-performance robot for smart cell sorting and placement

Resistance welding of conenction bars with battery cells

Precise and safe welding of connection bars and cells

Platform based assembly and test system for battery modules

Structure of a battery module

Expertise down the line

Process steps in battery module production

Visual inspections

Electrical testing

  • Cell infeed
  • Barcode and DMC tracking
  • Various visual inspections and electrical testing
  • Not OK part handling
  • Different gripper concepts enable intelligent cell insertion into magazines
  • Battery module pressing
  • Connection strip welding
  • EOL testing of completed battery modules
  • Sorting and packaging
  • Dimension testing
  • Testing for contaminants
  • Visual inspection of insulation film, surface and top/bottom
  • OCV
  • Test of inner resistivity
  • Pulse output
  • Lightning BMS
  • HV test
  • Leakage test


teamtechnik software and safety concepts

Your requirements are our standard

With teamsoft.RUN and teamsoft.TEST software, we enable users to monitor the quality of incoming materials, track them and run end-of-line tests. We design safety and fire protection in accordance with system operator requirements.

Read more about our software expertise.



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New Energy - Battery Production (EN)

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New Energy - Battery Production (EN)

PDF  /  910.89 kB