Battery production technology

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Thanks to its many years of experience, teamtechnik is today one of the leading providers of modular, flexible assembly and testing systems. In the field of battery production technology, teamtechnik offers standardised system solutions for assembly and test of battery modules and packs. Products like central contacting units or battery lids are assembled on our highspeed platforms RTS and LTS.

Your benefits

  • Various automation levels: From start-up to high-speed, always meeting your production requirements
  • Cycle times of 0.5 sec per cell can be achieved (7,200 cells/h)
  • By using a standardised machine platform, the systems can be expanded (add new processes) and scaled (to increase the output)
  • Integration of laser welding, resistance welding, bonding, hot stacking and optical testing depending on the product design and requirement
  • Turnkey assembly and test lines can be provided by teamtechnik based on your specification and request

Proven Solutions for Battery Module Production

Customized, turnkey assembly and testing solutions

teamtechnik is global market leader in end-of-line (EOL) testing of e-drives. This experience in testing was transferred to the battery test requirements for modules and packs. Performance testing, including automatic contacting plus teamsoft.TEST as the test software, offers the ideal basis for 100% testing at the end of a battery assembly line. Electrical test systems and camera systems are used within the production line to inspect the incoming materials or particular work steps.

Assembly and testing from a single source and system technology combined with software competence – this is why teamtechnik is your partner especially for battery production technology. 

Individual solutions – tailored to your exact needs

teamtechnik creates system solutions for the production of lithium ion battery modules constructed from cylindrical, prismatic, or pouch cells.
From semi-automated solutions for assembly and functional testing to fast cycling high performance lines with an output of 7,200 cells / h and more - we develop and manufacture production systems for every need and requirement.
Quality monitoring and the traceability of incoming materials, together with end-of-line (EOL) testing of the battery modules, can be provided from the same source thanks to teamsoft.RUN and teamsoft.TEST software. Safety and fire prevention concepts are developed in collaboration with the system operator and designed to suit individual requirements. 

Process know-how you can trust

  • Laser welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Screw joint
  • Gluing
  • Functional and visual inspection
  • Integration of dosing of adhesives and thermal conductive pastes  
  • Fire protection


Bunker for cell feeding

Cells get separated by a conveyor belt and transported to the machine

Module assembly

Rearrangement of battery cells

Pressing of battery module

Resistance welding of conenction bars with battery cells

Precise and safe welding of connection bars and cells

Platform based assembly and test system for battery modules

Structure of a battery module

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New Energy - Battery Production (EN)

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New Energy - Battery Production (EN)

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