with extensive end-of-line testing

From start-up to high-speed: We offer standardized assembly and test lines with integrated visual inspections and electrical EOL tests for both round cells (18650, 26650, 21700, 32700, 46XX) and prismatic cells.

End-of-line testing and packaging

Our offer includes the integration of all assembly and testing requirements into cell finishing based on our TEAMBATT platform after the formation and aging processes. The processes in this area of cell production are extensive. Alongside basic steps like heat-shrink tubing application or cell marking, visual inspections and electrical tests are the main focus here.

The production system platform can also be extended and scaled flexibly. It can be adjusted for changes in output quantity and varying requirements. We offer turnkey solutions for all required packaging and testing processes, from insulating tube assembly to packaging cells in cartons.

TEAMBATT has a broad spectrum of applications:

Process steps in cell production

Visual inspections

Electrical testing

  • Cell infeed
  • Cell weighing
  • Ground insulation and attaching insulating film
  • Heat-shrink tubing application
  • Cleaning and plasma activation
  • Not OK part handling
  • Pressing
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Dimension testing
  • Testing for contaminants
  • Barcode and DMC tracking
  • Visual inspection of insulation film, surface and top/bottom
  • OCV
  • Test of inner resistivity
  • Pulse output
  • Lightning BMS
  • HV test
  • Leakage test



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New Energy

New Energy - Battery Production (EN)

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New Energy - Battery Production (EN)

PDF  /  910.89 kB