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We are there where you need us. teamtechnik supplies to prominent automotive manufacturers and their suppliers with its own local subsidiaries or representatives. Our service packages reduce your costs and help you secure maximum system availability.

Your production systems should be working, not waiting for spare parts. This is where teamtechnik's spare part management functions ensure you always have the right part immediately to hand, without having to keep too many spare parts in stock.

Original equipment packages – and your system runs
On the basis of our experience, we have created original equipment packages designed to enable wear parts to be replaced quickly. These packages use solely original replacement parts.

Spare parts service – always an informed choice
From selection to manufacture to installation of your spare part: teamtechnik's experts are there for you. You can contact us at +49 7141 7003-113 or

Spare parts logistics – for rapid availability
In emergencies, every minute counts. We keep stocks of original parts in logistics centers all over the world, so we can reach you fast. We can also offer spare parts holding contracts (consignment stocks).

Spare parts optimization – better every time
We assure long-term parts availability and arrange replacements for discontinued components. And even our spare parts are in constant development.

Individualization – customized solution
We will be happy to agree an individual spare parts package with you to ensure that your manufacturing is uninterrupted and that you can access your spare parts straight away.

Our remote support packages mean fast, cost-effective and efficient support for you. Your system is checked, problems are detected, and any faults are resolved, before longer losses of production occur. Together, we improve your competitive edge by increasing your System availability.

Remote support packages include

  • Examining your system
  • Software installation
  • Diagnostics
  • Operational support

The benefits for you

  • Greater system availability through
  • fast remote diagnosis by specialists
  • High reliability and availability for your systems
  • No travel time or travel costs
  • Rapid response times
  • Increased competitiveness and profitability
  • teamtechnik expert knowledge – where you are

Do you wish to introduce new products, processes, types or versions without investing in new systems? We can adapt and retrofit your existing system. Our engineers will devise an individual concept based on the existing situation and your specifications and requirements.

This also includes competently modifying the mechanical and electrical components, adapting the software and updating the documentation.

If required, we can update the safety systems and carry out new CE certification.  This will enable you to make your production processes more efficient and increase your competitiveness.

teamtechnik systems are equipped with remote access. This enables us to provide help quickly, without having you to wait for a service technician to travel to you, so that your systems can be running again as soon as possible.

But should you need one of our more than 80 service technicians to visit, they are never far away, with our 13 service support points around the world. Our sophisticated logistics structure with strategically placed sites also ensures that you are supplied with spare parts quickly.

To ensure that you receive support fast, so you can maintain high levels of system availability, we offer a central service hotline.

  • Comprehensive, efficient service and repairs – worldwide
  • Highly-qualified, experienced employees at our offices and in the field
  • Over 80 service technicians worldwide
  • Service hotline manned by teamtechnik specialists
  • Support by remote Access

Do you need to relocate your system to a new site?

Whether you are moving it within the same site or to another continent, teamtechnik experts will perform the entire operation, from dismantling through logistics to installation and recommissioning. The result: a system with the renowned teamtechnik production quality at the new site.

We instruct and train your employees to ensure high and reliable production output. In our training, they learn how to operate, clean and maintain the system efficiently.

We are also happy to support your team during live production, in order to optimize it.

Examples of standard training that we offer worldwide:

  • Maintenance of mechanical and electrical components
  • Training for system operators

Service agreements (maintenance contracts)

Improved availability and better production outcomes with consistently high quality – and, not least, a longer working life for the system – are reasons why our customers opt for our service agreements. By arrangement with your production planning department, specialists from teamtechnik scrutinize your system on a regular basis to prevent unplanned downtimes.

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