Dürr, GROB-WERKE and Manz cooperate

in the field of production technology for lithium-ion batteries

Strategic cooperation aiming to offer battery producers integrated solutions for the entire value chain from a single source, and to drive technological development

Manz AG, GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co.KG, and Dürr AG have formed a strategic partnership for the joint acquisition and execution of projects for equipping entire battery factories. Their aim is to take advantage of the huge growth potential for business involving production technology for lithium-ion batteries, and to cover the entire value chain.  In the field of battery production technology, teamtechnik offers standardised system solutions for assembly and test of battery modules and packs.

The most important trigger for the rapidly growing demand for battery production technology is electromobility. The more electric cars come onto our roads, the more high-quality and high-performance batteries are required. This is why several battery and automotive producers are currently investing in battery factories or have announced plans to this effect. At present, there is not yet enough production capacity in Europe to meet this growing demand.