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With key technology from teamtechnik: Largest test fields for plug-in hybrid transmissions

Image caption: A complex test bench for plug-in hybrid technology being assembled in a production hall at teamtechnik
Photo: teamtechnik (no fee for printing – notification requested)

Complex test fields for hybrid and electric drives is an area in which teamtechnik has experience. The systems specialist has already supplied its test benches to the largest test fields in both the USA and China. Meanwhile in Kassel, VW is currently constructing the largest European testing area in Europe to date and is collaborating with teamtechnik. 

‘We are successful here thanks to our software competence in test systems and our DQ400e production system platform for hybrid transmissions’, reports Carmen Prats, Senior Account Manager Sales Automotive at teamtechnik. The DQ400e test benches are part of teamtechnik's portfolio specifically for plug-in hybrid variants, a technology that lies between the combustion engine and pure battery operation. In addition to all functional testing for conventional drive technology, these test benches also enable electrical testing for the hybrid aspect, including high-voltage contacting, media management and battery simulation.

teamtechnik has been focusing on software competence for measurement and testing processes for many years. More than 350 of the company’s systems are currently in operation worldwide together with its in house-developed test software, teamsoft.TEST. A new commission was recently awarded to the systems specialist by VW, which is currently developing the largest test field in Europe to date for plug-in hybrid transmissions at its Kassel site. The key technology for the end-of-line testing and calibration will come from teamtechnik.




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