Battery storage in series production:

teamtechnik supplies production systems for Tesvolt gigafactory

Tesvolt, a specialist in green electricity storage solutions for commerce and industry, is building Europe's first gigafactory for lithium-ion battery storage systems in Wittenberg, Germany. The production technology is being supplied by teamtechnik. When the factory is completed, batteries with an overall capacity of one gigawatt-hour (GWh) are expected to be built and tested each year on the semi-automated production lines.

Compared to the current capacity of the global market for stationary battery systems, amounting to 16 GWh, this is an enormous volume.

‘We are delighted to take the energy transition in Germany further and to be able to work with such a young and innovative company’, says Axel Riethmüller, COO of teamtechnik.

Customers of the Freiberg-based automation specialist include major brands in the automotive, medtech, and solar sectors, for whom teamtechnik develops assembly and test lines and supplies them all over the world. In the battery modules segment the company has already constructed a number of production units for lithium-ion batteries and battery components. The manufacturing and testing know-how gained through these projects and the short planning phase for a convincing concept were decisive factors for Tesvolt in awarding the order to teamtechnik.

Tesvolt gives high importance to quality assurance: during end-of-line testing the electrical properties of every module are verified. Only modules that pass the test 100% are shipped. At the same time, full data recording of the entire process ensures that it is completely traceable.