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Sie interessieren sich für teamtechnik Industrieausrüstung GmbH in Ingersheim/Schramberg?


teamtechnik lives 360° e-mobility

TEAMED Injector Test

For safe testing of injection devices

A cell every 1.71 seconds:

our new STRINGER TT2100, now faster than ever before

Automating the alternative drive systems:

teamtechnik tackles the future!

Award winning!

2017 we are a Top Employer again


First-class technology: assembly and functional test systems for sophisticated power-train and vehicle components.


Intelligent turnkey solutions for medical device manufacturing. From proof-of-principle to high-output production.


Reliable process technology, delivering 24/7 production capability – high performance stringers from the market leader.

This is teamtechnik

High-quality production systems and process technology for assembly and functional testing, for high-performance, precision products for the automotive, medtech and solar sectors – this is teamtechnik.

  • 900 employees, highly motivated and forward-thinking
  • Innovation made in Germany
  • Specializing in efficient automation solutions
  • Production system supplier to market leaders all over the world. Why not try us?

All this is teamtechnik, too.

Find out more about us.


In 2017, for the third time in a row, teamtechnik won the "Top Employer Award" for outstanding human resources management and an excellent personnel strategy. In the same year, teamtechnik also won the "Human Resources Excellence Award", which is given for innovative personnel management.




teamtechnik a winner in the Human Resources Excellence Awards 2017

Freiberg am Neckar, 04.12.2017:
At the start of this year teamtechnik was awarded Top Employer, and now we have once again received the distinction of the Human Resources Excellence Award 2017 for outstanding personnel management. This prestigious award is given for innovative flagship projects in human resources management.

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teamtechnik – We are developing the future.





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